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Want to find out more about my home country, Romania? Now is your chance!

A team of like-minded people created tours around Romania and Bucharest, to help you get to know Romania, its beauties and its people. If you are curious, you can write us at office@thetravelingtulip.eu or give us a call at +40 722 588 180. For sure, we have something that suits your needs and desires 🙂

Gastronomy oriented tours/visits

We, Romanians, are true foodies! Do you want to enjoy a full and tasty Romanian experience? Then join us on our food tours and let your taste buds be delighted with traditional dishes cooked with love.

Wine tasting tours/visits

Ahhh… wines… they open up hearts and untangle tongues! Romania is a well-known wine country and is just waiting for wine lovers to discover it. Join us for a true, exquisite and unforgettable wine tasting adventure to some of Romania’s finest wineries.

Organized tours around Bucharest

Ever wondered how a European capital city looks like through the eyes of a local? We offer private tours through and around Bucharest, during which you will get a taste of what being a local means. Hear stories of old times, join in the gossip that made the headlines during Bucharest’s “little Paris” days and delight yourself with our city.

Organized tours around Romania

The country of the wild Carpathians, loved and hated at the same time, Romania is just waiting for you to discover it. From buzzing cities to quiet villages, from urban views to amazing mountain landscapes, come and visit Romania. Let yourself be taken by surprise!