Bruges Visual Guide – roadtrippin’ Belgium

Strollin’ through Bruges on a fine, sunny Saturday is a marvel. At each step, you find something picturesque to take a photo of. This Bruges Visual Guide let’s you discover a small part of this beautiful location. So… whether you have a shot, or two, or more of cute houses and their doors and windows…

… or of old buildings (and I mean old… Bruges has houses dating back the 17th century :P)…

… or you  realize that Goth really rules, in terms of architecture (well, if you’re a rock fan, might rule in terms of that too :))…

… or you take a canal boat ride and just goggle at other people’s houses…

… you are sure going to find something that you like and that will make Bruges a wonderful experience for you too!


  1. I love this, it’s so colourful! It’s been a while since I was last in Bruges, and I forgot how pretty it can be. Taking a canal boat ride is a must here!

  2. Those structures are just fascinating! I can’t imagine how long will it take me to enjoy each one of them. Not to mention with pictures taking. lol.

  3. Bruges looks beautiful! I would love to walk around tow, admiring the Gothic architecture or simply taking a little boat ride to look at those wonderful houses. I need to get myself to Belgium soon!

  4. I love colorful houses and doors and always end up taking thousands of photographs of this theme. Bruges has interesting range of houses from 17th century and therefore I am adding into my wishlist. Boad ride would great thing to do here.

  5. I have visited Bruges several times and quite rightly the architecture is stunning. Those coloured building and the square has something special about this city. That cosy feel and a walk around Bruges is the best way to enjoy this city Not too hectic and the colourful doors add a great vibe to the city. Your post brought back memories.

  6. Holy moly, Bruges is a photographer’s dream! I am totally love all the colors and designs of the buildings, it is so totally interesting. And a canal ride does sound fantastic and a great way to explore Bruges for sure. The Gothic architecture is definitely quite impressive.

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