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things to do on a night out in Las VegasAaahh… wonderful, glamorous Las Vegas – city of lights, city of sin, a city in which anybody can find anything 🙂 this is pretty much what I knew about Las Vegas, from all the movies I’ve seen, which starred this amazing location. I truly believe that most of those things that you see in the movies are true – or at least, what I got to see in the evening that I spent in Las Vegas resembled those. There a million and one things to do in Las Vegas on a night out, so read further for some of my preferred 🙂

While I was in the US, I stayed in Anaheim, California, which is a great location, giving the fact that from there on you can just jump on one of the Interstates and head off into the sunrise or sunset (whichever you prefer :)). Of course, since Anaheim is just a 4 hours’ drive away, Las Vegas was one of the most suitable destination. Took one of my friends and off we went…

I absolutely love myself a good old road trip, so the way to Las Vegas was a delight – up on I-15, we passed Mojave National Preserve. Now, you might believe that crossing a scenery that basically resembled a desert might not be that fun, but, let me tell you… boy, are you wrong!

things to do on a night out in Las VegasDriving in such a scenery is actually pretty cool, you get to chill while driving, listen to some great music and just take in whatever lies ahead, thinking only of how much us humans have accomplished. And, moreover, if you are in a good company, like I was, you get to stop, snap some shots and just laugh all the way!

We had a lot of plans for our only night in Las Vegas, so we did not pay much attention to actually entering the city – I literally did not realize that we were in Las Vegas, until we got to the hotel. We stayed in Hard Rock Hotel and it was amazing. We were not allowed to take pictures, though, so you can only take me at my word.

The rooms were a combination of leather, fabric and fluffy pillows, with full minibar and online check-out (YES, that’s a thing! I absolutely loved it, since I did not have to stay in line at reception to check out :P) Since we arrived in Las Vegas pretty late and we had restaurant reservations, all we did was check in and head out. We had a full evening! 🙂

Here is my proposal for things to do on a night out in Las Vegas:

Eat dinner at Stratosphere Hotel’s Top of the World Restaurant

things to do on a night out in Las VegasThis is a must in Las Vegas. It is the perfect opportunity to dress up, spend a lot of money on food and drink a cocktail – all at 800 feet above ground 😀

The dress code for the restaurant is business casual, if you are going for dinner, so my date and I got dressed up and enjoyed the meal and the cocktails, had our photo taken and gradually saw Las Vegas from above, as the restaurant made its 360 degrees turn.

As I mentioned, the food is pretty expensive – we ended up paying around 250 $ on food and drinks (remember, this was a while ago and we were only two!). However, your taste buds will be over the moon – the food is utterly delicious.

We enjoyed every bite of what we had, from the various types of butter, to the foie gras, the duck legs confit or the tiramisu. Everything was topped off with cocktails, wine and a wonderful photo shoot.

Although expensive, we now have memories that will last for a life time – or until I remember where to find those photos around the house 🙂

 Enjoy a Cirque de Soleil live performance

things to do on a night out in Las VegasI am sure you have all heard of Cirque de Soleil – witnessing a live performance of them was one of the “to do in a lifetime” things on my list.

Naturally, when planning the trip to Las Vegas (ok…planning is an overstatement, we just thought about going there, made some reservations and that was that!) we also booked tickets for one of the shows that took place in the evening we were there – Ka. It was the perfect show for our short trip to Las Vegas and I got to see how amazing the Cirque de Soleil crew is.

The show usually takes place at MGM Grand and tickets are really easy to buy. You can either buy them online or go directly to MGM Grand Casino and buy your tickets from there. The online tickets cost around 70 US dollars, but they worth every penny. You might find cheaper tickets on various ticketing sites, but be careful where you buy from.

We bought ours online, directly from their website – just remember to have them printed when you go there, as they only let you enter if they see them. Moreover, you are not allowed with any foods or drinks with you, which kind of makes sense.

The show is just epic, depicting war scenes, transformed into acrobatic wonders, defying gravity, with parts of the show that take place on a moving scene and out of this world musical background.

If you are a fan of drama and action, this is the show for you!

 Walk the Strip and check out “the offer”

The Las Vegas Strip is that place where you find all the good restaurants, resorts and casinos. It is the home of the Bellagio, the Flamingo, the Venetian and so many more.

things to do on a night out in Las Vegas

It is also the place to hang out if you want to get some deals on drugs, hookers and pretty much whatever you want (honestly, you can buy anything on the Strip – I experienced it for myself, while walking around to see as many casinos as possible 🙂 I received so many offers on so many things, that it could have been the “wildest night of my life” – that’s an exact quote from one of the vendors ;))

Go casino hoping

After walking around and taking some photos of the surroundings and after playing the slots for a bit at the MGM, we ended up in what turned out to be my absolute favorite casino – The Venetian (whoever sees this might truly consider that I am an avid gambler; truth be told, it was the first time I ever gambled! 🙂 :))

The Venetian is an architectural wonder. You would not realize that you are in a casino, at first. The architecture, the interior design, the outdoor replica of a Venetian channel, complete with small gondolas take you directly to the heart of the Italian original location. Inside, the casino is always full, drinks are free and servers are very friendly and respectful. Around the casino there are a lots of shops, for every taste and every wallet. Unfortunately, when we were there, everything has already closed for the night. The hotel is as imposing as the casino and a night there can easily rid you of approximately 300 US dollars (that is if you get the most basic room, with no additional features).

I won some money at the roulette and I was extremely happy to cash out what I earned – must admit, it is really a hype to win in a casino, take your chips and cash them out. I did lose some of the earned amount while playing the slots, but hey…what can you do? 🙂

things to do on a night out in Las VegasIf you are one of those people who think their luck changes with the location, then go ahead and move down the street, to the Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace. Or, you can go in one of the smaller or older casinos – I can guarantee you they are practically the same thing, since all you’ll do is t away! The booze might be worse though…

Get drunk and wake up married in fabulous Las Vegas

Well… contrary to whatever you see in the movies, you can’t get hitched in Vegas on a whim. For you to be married at one of the chapels and your marriage to be recognized, you still need to apply for a marriage license with Clark County Office. Without it, whatever ceremony you decide to go for won’t be legal. So much for the element of surprise.

You can, however, make great fun out of it – just get drunk and get married in front of Elvis, for the hang of it 🙂 With no marriage license, you won’t have any worries! This is definitely on my list, but since my date loved his men as much as I do mine, no chance for me of getting married in Las Vegas this time around! I did get slightly drunk, woke up with a mild hangover the next day, but was able to function due to some “hangover potion” I found in the mini-bar in my room. To this day, I don’t know what it was and I am really sorry I have no way of finding out. It would have come in handy many times since 😀

Ohh… glamorous, fabulous Las Vegas – until we meet again…

The next day we drove off into the wild – literally speaking. But that’s a story for another time 🙂

things to do on a night out in Las Vegas


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time in Vegas! I agree that driving through the desert can be fun and very exciting if you’ve never done it before. Your night at the Stratosphere sounded amazing, and the food looked very tasty too.

  2. I still consider Vegas to be one of my major travel oversights–really need to get there eventually. I’d love to see a show, and of course Cirque de Soleil would be at the top of the list. A non-legal silly wedding sounds like fun in the right circumstances, lol. I’d never thought about the whole marriage license issue before, but of course that makes sense! And probably saves Nevada some cash on processing marriages that have no chance of working out…

  3. Reading this post and seeing the photos bought back some awesome memories of when I visited Vegas for my 21st! There’s nothing quite like it and the casinos and hotels are breathtaking. Hope to get back someday and visit Cirque de Soleil, although not too sure I’d wanna wake up married haha!

    1. I am so glad that brought back good memories. Well.. I also hope that you’ll get back there some day! I hope the same for me too 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. This was awesome! I loved every thing about it. The road trip in is exactly what I would do, Sad to hear about the getting hitched story but I guess it is there to protect many broken hearts. From the show to the Casino this is on my bucket list so I really hope I get to experience exactly what you did.

  5. Your trip to Las Vegas looks wild and full of fun. Driving from deserts to city of sin must be a wonderful experience. To see a hotel taking a 360 degree round turn, walking on the streets with unimaginable offers, walking in glitzy casinos must be a fun experience. Watching Cirque de Soleil show would be my first choice as I love drama and action. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wowww Las Vegas is a dazzling extravaganza and so are your pictures. I would certainly indulge in Casino Hopping, and taking a walk and checking out some good deals with restaurant along the Strip. But certainly I wouldn’t get drunk and get up Married.. :p

  7. It has been my dream to visit Nevada, especially after reading some books and as mentioned by you, watching some movies! Too bad that you can not marry on a whim here, haha! By the way, even I would love to know more about that secret hangover potion!

  8. I need to get myself to Vegas one of these days. The question is, do I go with my husband just so I can say we got married by Elvis, or do I go with a girlfriend who would love to see Cirque de Soleil as much as I would? Decisions, decisions…

  9. I’d love to experience Vegas at some point in my life, the Stratosphere Hotel Restaurant looks cool… I wonder how many people get drunk and wake up married!

  10. I have been wanting to go to Vegas, but my husband has no interest. I try to tell him there is more than casino’s but he doesn’t believe it. I would love to go to a Cirque de Soleil performance. I am most jealous of that.

  11. I love cities where I can sip and stroll…so Vegas is always a great getaway!! I loved reading about your adventure there!! I’m glad you drove, the desert landscape is unique and beautiful! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!
    Sippin Gypsy

  12. Wow! Such a cool experience! I haven’t visited Las Vegas yet but it’s on my travel bucket. The city looks so vibrant and the nightlife is simply amazing. I can relate to your feeling after winning in a casino. I was overwhelmed with joy when I won a lot of cash in a casino in Goa. Dinner at Stratosphere seems like an experience not to be missed.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this. I also hope that you’ll manage to get there. It is something that you need to do in a lifetime!

  13. Great post! I’ve only been to Vegas once but I pretty much did exactly as you described – minus dinner at the Stratosphere (that must have been an incredible view) and getting married haha!

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